Skelton - The Green
             Skelton Village Trust 


                WHAT WE ARE


Founded in 1968, the Trust is run by a committee elected annually by Trust members.


All Skelton residents are eligible to become Trust members, either as householders or individuals on payment of a small fee.




  • To ensure good practice in design and development in the parish generally and the Conservation Area in particular.


  • To support thoughtful preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity or historical interest.


  • To stimulate public interest in, and care for, the beauty, history and character of the village and its surroundings.



  • On behalf  of its members, the committee undertakes a number of activities during the year.


  • Three  speaker evenings a year are held in the Village Hall, usually in November, February and May.  Guest speakers cover a range of informative, entertaining topics relating to our areas of interest. These events are widely advertised and open to all. See Calendar


  • The planting of bulbs in Autumn to add colour to the village each spring. The selective planting of trees in liaison with the Parish Council and the City of York Council.


  • Walking one of the public rights of way in the Parish each year and reporting on its condition.


  • Refurbishing/repainting of public seats and other minor projects.


  • Monitoring local planning applications and making submissions as necessary.


  • Keeping a watching brief on strategic planning issues at the City of York and commenting on those affecting Skelton.




Membership is open to all residents of Skelton who are interested in and wish to support our activities.  

Current annual fees are £5 for household membership and £3 for an individual.   Remittances can be made to the Treasurer or any committee member.





The Officers and Committee are elected at an annual AGM - see Calendar